In 700g and 2kg options, our plain muesli is the base we make first then make the premium mueslis from it. It has been set up so that it digests very slowly keeping you felling satisfied for a long time. We start with whole oats, then add extra oat bran for more of the soluble fibre that helps pull down cholesterol levels, and sunflower and pumpkin seeds for more protein and healthy plant oils. We toast lightly with rice bran oil and a small amount of brown sugar (brown sugar gives a rich toasted flavour from a low amount). We generate steam in the process so the toasting is very light and the muesli easy to eat.

Nutriton per 100g: Energy 1769kcal; Protein 13.7%; Fat 15% ( Saturated 2.7%); Carbohydrate 52.8%; Sugar 6.3%; Fibre 10.5%.   


Plain muesli

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