700g and 2kg options.
Our granolas are a very rich mix of cranberries, organic NZ blackcurrants; Suphite free NZ dried apples, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and coconut in a lightly toasted buckwheat base. They are ideal as a power snack or as a topping, as well as being a rich brekfast option. The gluten free granola does not contain any oats and we process them in a separate area of the kitchen. The buckwheat granolas are higher in protein and fat than our mueslis. We do not add any sugar - it all comes with the fruit.   

Please don't be misled by the name 'buckwheat' as it is not wheat or any other cereal, it is a small seed of the same family of plants as rhubarb.

The nutrients in this granola are very balanced:

Nutriton per 100g: Energy 2017kcal; Protein 14.4%; Fat 31.5% ( Saturated 9.7%); Carbohydrate 32%; Sugar 10.4%; Fibre 9.2%.

Gluten free buckwheat granola

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