Back by popular demmand as A Covid lockdown special - bulk supply of 21 of mumma bear's famous bear bars, perfect for active lifestylers as a snack or lunch.
With our farmers markets and retail shop closed we can't make bear bars for random sale but can make them to order as a bulk pack of 21 at a time.

They will keep for way longer than the best by date on the pack if you pop them in the fridge or freezer.


Bear bars are a very high energy slow energy release snack bar perfect for athletes and outdoor adventurers. Nominal weight 90g (weight will vary a little with these hand made bars).

Its 15 ingredients have about equal amounts of seeds, nuts, fruit and grains, with honey and coconut oil.


Nutriton per 100g: Energy 1561kcal; Protein 9.6%; Fat 20.6% ( Saturated 7.4%); Carbohydrate 42.2%; Sugar 21.7%; Fibre 7.9%.


Professional kiwis cyclist Jack Bauer (four times tour de France) tested a bear bar and reported back:

Hi Rose,

Jack here, the guy you gave your sports bars to at the Sat market. Hope you're doing well! I thought I'd fire you some feedback on your bar - which was awesome. I tried it today out training.

First of all, as it's a soft bar I expected it to break apart in my pocket, esp with body heat on a hot didn't. It stayed in perfect shape after 5hrs in the pocket in full on sun. Big thumbs up there.

Taste was great, loved the consistency - how it was so moist/easy to get down - kind of raw cake mixture. Big thumbs up on that, I haven't found a bar so easy and quick to eat before. Esp with the nutritional content your bar has. Really makes a difference when you're trying to get energy in and breathing hard at the same time!

I tried the bar after 4.5hrs on the bike today, when the tank was really running low, makes it easy to get a sense of how quick the bar was absorbed. It took about 5 mins to kick in, along with a good 200ml of water - and I got a good 45' of energy out of it. So yeah, I was really impressed! I wish I'd bought a whole box from you on Sat!

Keep up the good work Rose, I look forward to seeing Mumma bear products becoming a household name in NZ!

Kind regards,
Jack Bauer


Bear bars have a well balanced nutritional profile with nuts, seeds, grains, honey and coconut oil. They will digest to deliver energy at a steady rate for a long time so you keep going and dont feel hungry.  

Bear Bars bulk pack

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